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3 types of Virtual Reality Content for Real Estate

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Will VR change the way we buy homes?

Of course!  Virtual reality has been the buzz in the tech sector for a couple of years now. While it hasn’t really changed the way people are buying today, the various different types of VR solutions are making it more cost-effective and accessible than before.

Here are the 3 different options out there today:

1.  360 photos from your mobile device

  • The current Android and iPhone devices are able to take 360 photos.
  • 360 photo viewers are available on all devices.
  • Great for photos that you want to show from your phone/tablet without a VR headset.
  • Mobile device cameras do not photograph the top or bottom.
  • Free – most mobile phones have 360 photos already built in. If not, there are apps under $5 in each of the app stores.
Learn More:

If you want to learn how to take 360 photos on your own, here’s a great tutorial:

Click here to learn how to upload your 360 photos to Facebook –

2. 3D photos

Matterport cameras and subscription service require you to take 10 to 100 photos of your property. They piece it together and create a dollhouse model of your space.  You can walk through using mobile VR devices that support Mobile VR (Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, and Cardboard). If you don’t have a headset, your clients can still experience your properties from their web browser.

  • Take full 360 photos of each room.
  • Allow your clients to “walk-through” each room with or without a VR headset.
  • 360 photo viewers are available on all devices.
  • Great for home and rentals are already built.
  • Requires a professional service to photograph your property
  • As of today, the MLS and other real estate search engines do not support viewing full 360 photos.  But it doesn’t mean that they won’t be soon.
Costs (as of today):
  • $50 – $150 monthly hosting subscription (from Matterport)
  • $2500 – $4000 for a 3D camera (from Matterport)
  • NOTE: There are professional photography services that provide professional interior shots, aerial drone footage, and 360 VR photos.

Learn More:

To learn more about providing full 360, walk-through experiences, check out

3. 3D Rendered Layouts

3D rendered layouts are a type of architectural visualization that allows you to see properties that are not built yet.  Spaces and designs can be moved, changed,  and you can interact with them in real-time.

  • Allow your clients to “walk-through” and interact in each room with VR headset.
  • Show optional layouts and features
  • Perfect for properties that have NOT been built yet (in pre-sell or pre-lease phases).
  • Limitless amounts of rendered shots and video for web and print marketing
  • The tech today only works with non-mobile VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.  The hardware required to push out photo-realistic renderings is just not available on phones (yet).  Some companies are toying with mobile VR, but the experience is jarring.
  • May require a kiosk or VR station to allow clients to come in and view the property.
Costs (as of today):
  • The costs vary depending on the size of the project. It is a very new space. Companies are still working on solutions to automate the process to bring CAD files into VR. But that’s a topic for another post.
Learn More:

To learn more 3D Rendered Layouts in VR, visit


The power with VR is that buyers can see your properties from anywhere.  Which solution could work you?

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