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Virtual Reality for Home Builders

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Using Virtual Reality for Real Estate is an obvious industry where this tool is very valuable. But today,  I want to focus on VR for just new construction homes –  is it really worth it and how it can be used.

Is it worth it?

With 3D models,  you can build out homes that are not constructed yet.  Spaces and designs can be changed – and with VR, you can interact with them.

infographic of vr experience from viewer image render

Show your plans before models are built

Visualize optional layouts and features in a home, without having to include them in your model homes

Showcase all the options and upgrades without the added costs of including them in your actual show home. You buyers can see how large the optional den is or what the house will look like with the crown molding upgrade. Using VR at the design center also has the added bonus of letting buyers see their design options in the home they are purchasing.

Stage décor to meet buyer tastes

The same virtual home can be staged with a variety of design styles that suite your buyer's tastes. Your buyers won't be put off by the décor and can truly visualize their home in your floor plan.

Reuse the VR models in other communities

With model homes, you have to build them out for each community. With VR, you can reuse your existing 3D models for each community.

Alternative revenue options

Offset costs by advertising in the space. Your homes can easily translate to an advertising platform for furniture retailers and designers. Leverage their marketing budgets to help offset your costs.
Providing floorplans in VR can pay for itself.

Buying design services a la carte certainly saves money, but still, furnishing an entire house requires a hefty sum. That partly explains why some builders hit hard by the downturn have explored virtual models online as an alternative to brick and mortar ones. The big advantage of virtual tours is that these digital versions of model homes don’t require a[n] on-site sales staff or a major outlay for the three 'F's of fixtures, finishes, and furnishings.

Jenny Sullivan
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Showing Virtual Homes

Not all floor plans are built into show homes.  When home builders do not have space or budget to build out homes for each floor plan they have to sell.  I’m not talking about 360 photos of the model home after it has been built.  I’m talking about creating a full 3D model of the entire floor plan, fully decorated, that allows potential buyers walk in the space in your sales offices.

mountary grouping room with firewood

Almost every builder I have talked to can show you the difference in traffic and sales from when they started selling to the point when the model home opened

Suzanne Felberowner of Lifestylist Designs in Dallas
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Does having a model sell homes faster?  Can décor distract potential buyers?  Can showing all the options get buyers excited about customizing their home?  I think so.  What do you think?

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